Negotiate Based Forex News

Trade on forex News is very simple. You only have to choose a site that has all the important news that make vary asset prices.

We just have to know how to apply the results simply in negotiating Binary Options. How to? It’s very simple.

Strategies of trade on forex news:

1 – We must only look at the high-impact news.

2 – We have to understand each forex news that will work. For example, a news that is of USD will move with peers who have USD: EUR / USD, GBP / USD, USD / CHF, etc. If they are news from Europe there are countries whose news has a greater impact than others. First is Germany and then France. Only we ourselves focus on the news of these two countries. And for couples with the EUR, as EUR / USD, EUR / GBP, EUR / CHF, etc.

3 – To give an example so that the reader understands, imagine that comes a 8h00 GMT news for Germany of great impact (red). In forex sites will show three columns: The current value (which will come out in a moment), the forecast is the forecast and the previous value, usually the last month.

4 – Forex news coming out and having a forecast of for example 10 but the result is 9. This means that the value was below the forecast, so it is bad for Germany, which will cause the EUR tend to fall. But imagine that the news was on unemployment. And the forecast was 7% but the result was 6.9%, in this case being below is positive, because unemployment decreased. In this situation the EUR will rise. The way to know if the result is better or worse than expected is look at the color value that just came out. If GREEN is because it was better. In this case it was good for the EUR and this will rise. If RED was bad and the EUR will fall relative to other currencies.

5 – Making a resume. Choose the important forex news (red icon). Check if the result is above or below expectations and on that basis negocei assets that are directly linked to this news. You do not have to look any more.

6 – In order for this strategy to work it is important to act quickly when coming out forex news. If the news is at 8.00 you have to place the order right at that moment that the result comes out. Note further that the greater the disparity between the prediction and the result, the higher the price likely to be influenced by this news, then more likely to earn money.

7 – The type of trading you should use is the High / Low and use a time or active validity between 5-15 minutes. Because usually in minutes after you leave the news the market will react to the news results.

Heads up:

Sometimes there is forex news that before leaving the result there is a strong volatility in the market that the price will shoot in one direction or walk up and down quickly and with great variations. If this happens wait to leave the news and the market stabilizes. After one minute put the asset.

Sometimes there are several news simultaneously, one for Europe that deal with the EUR and others to the USA that deal with the USD. In this case it is sometimes better not to negotiate, that if for example you want to trade the EUR / USD.

When they leave the forex news has to read the result and put the asset in the right direction. For example: If out some news for the USD and it is good, and you negotiate the EUR / USD, then the price will drop, as being good for the United States makes the USD rise and the EUR fall causing a price drop in EUR / USD.

Typically this strategy can be applied as well as a success 70%, which means that in each 10 negotiations can hit 7 and 3 fail.

The best way to get results is to do some tests on some assets and with different validity (5, 10 or 15 minutes) and see which ones are best suited to you. The advice I always give is if you have 3 negotiations is wrong because you are doing something wrong or is it a bad day for the strategy. Check everything you are doing and correct any errors. If you are not doing anything wrong then it is because the market is not reacting logically ace news that is coming out. In this case what you should do is turn off the platform and not negotiate more during the day. Back until the following day.