Trader with Discipline, Emotional Control

Trader, Forex Money Management with discipline and emotional control:

Risk no more than 2% of your account per trade. This means that you should calculate for your STOP-LOSS correspond to 2% of the account. If the market goes against you, it will only lose 2% of your account. This saves you from panic if you’re wrong. If you check a chance to win but if your STOP LOSS unwanted is 2%, do not enter the position.

You can lose a chance to operate, but has millions more to come. Sometimes the best strategy is to stay away from the market.

You should always calculate the risk before entering the trade.

Your Risk / Reward ratio should be at least 1 to 1 (1: 1).

This means that if you are risking 2% of your account, you should look for at least a 2% profit.

Always have realistic targets. My objective is capital growth of 100% per year. The smaller the target, the lower the risk of losing money. Even if you make 50%, you will be better than 90% of the funds in the world.

The more trades you make, the more will be exhibiting their losses to account. Any trader in the world can profit in any market movement. You should get used to the losses.

Patience is essential in trading. Open a position only if you have big conviction that you are right. If you are unsure, stay away from the market. Staying outside is as good as winning.

Never operate against the trend in highly volatile pairs such as GBP / JPY.

Always have a trading strategy, one AUTOMATED TRADING SYSTEM (abbreviation: ATS), make it a habit to follow your strategy, do not change strategy every week.

Always trust your Trading System and not on some Guru or Bloomberg. Do not operate in Forex based on third-party recommendations, operate by yourself.

Their quotes are your Bible. All you want to know is in the graphs. You will learn something new every day through the charts and quotes.

Specializes in ONE or TWO pairs. If you are new, how about starting with the EUR / USD? Each pair has its special features. No two are alike. Do not operate any couple Your Broker offers. If you specialize in one or two pairs, gradually you will be able to understand them as it were a MAP.

Do not try to gain pips every market movement. Have a realistic goal. Weekly or monthly, but not pips numbers. If you’ve reached the objective stay out of the market.

As stated before, the more trades, the greater the chances of you losing money.

Losses are part of the life of a trader. Never try to retrieve his last loss in the next operation, increasing the risk. Keep in mind that you will start losing more than 50% of operations. Gradually you will cut the number of negative operations while gaining experience and confidence.

When you start to train at least three months in the DEMO account to build your strategy and gain experience with market movements. Then for the next three months work in a demo account, or a low-value account to test your strategy combined with a good Forex Money Management. When you are confident totally go to a real account. It takes time, be patient. As I said, you will need patience to be a Trader.

Use minimal leverage. Do not push, do not use any leverage that the Broker offer. I use a leverage of 15: 1, large traders do not use leverage. My suggestion: Operate 1 Mini-Lot for every € 2,500 in your account.

Remember, there is no easy way to become a trader. No one will be a successful day trader for the night. Like everything in life takes time, a lot of patience, sacrifice and learning. Do not be afraid of mistakes.

It takes at least one year to become a trader who has income, for me it took two years.