Being a successful entrepreneur

An entrepreneur must know how to be a successful entrepreneur. Every enterprise is born basically a dream. Dream that the entrepreneur or future entrepreneur has to build a business that believes and with which it has real identification. I dream of doing things your way, make money working with what they like and which represents the bridge to the professional and personal fulfillment.

When you open your own business, the entrepreneur sees achievements. However, between the desire and the effective achievement of goals There is a long road full of ups and downs. This trajectory requires a lot of dedication to stop being just a promise.

But how to become a successful entrepreneur? We can identify common characteristics among those who stand out. They are traits that make these people have an above average performance.

empreendedor-sucessoThe successful entrepreneur is, first of all, someone with initiative. It is a leader who goes after solutions and is always attentive to the market. He anticipates and makes it happen, for he sees opportunities where others do not see.

He is persistent. Convinced you have an idea or project with possibilities, not discouraged in the face of problems, outlines goals and strives his best to achieve them.

The search for information is part of your routine. You know that a better understanding of customers, suppliers, competitors, products and services is the shortcut for differential amid so much competition. And do not hesitate to consult experts who can guide you. Moreover, it is an attentive listener, because good ideas come from both the humblest person as someone extremely prepared.

Planning is their watchword. All his actions are thought, magazines, monitored and adjusted accordingly. Organized, keeps financial records and from them take informed decisions.

Another striking aspect is the permanent need for quality and efficiency. His intention is to surprise the customer positively and undertakes to help the team to fulfill the tasks.

The successful entrepreneur does not want to be just another. He thinks big. So dare, risk – of calculated way, it has his foot – and always believes it is able to build what envisioned.

 The entrepreneurship secrets can be discovered by anyone and at any age. It is not uncommon to dream of following his own orders and take care of his nose. Founding a business and be master of himself, however, can be more complicated than you think. Not enough to have a good idea, you need to understand the market and keep up to date, so that the business find opportunities for growth.


Who want to open their own business should be informed, first of all. You have to know the least about the activity to be developed and the market in which wants to get involved. Familiarize yourself with what you want to sell, whatever is essential.

The entrepreneur needs to learn always. Know your market niche. Master it.

This is based on organization of human, financial and material. an example. The entrepreneur can not mistake the company money with his personal money. It must also is careful in choosing the partner, discuss expectations and the role of each in the venture.

The main characteristics that an entrepreneur who seeks success:

1º Initiative: the constant search for business opportunities. Always be aware of what happens in the market where will act;

2º Perseverance: the difficulties are going to happen, because the business of micro and small enterprises is often lonely. Never giving up.

3º Courage to take risks: risk is part of the act to undertake. Taking risks is different from danger. The entrepreneur is in danger when uninformed. If you have the information, you can make complex decisions with calculated risk;

4º Capacity planning: having a vision of where you are, you’re getting at and what needs to be done. Create action plans and prioritize them within the business. Monitor, correct and revise. This assumes that assess the best alternatives to achieve their stated objectives during planning.

5º Efficiency and quality: small businesses have fewer resources, so they need to ensure that they are put to good use. You have to win the customer, the target audience and direct efforts;

6º Contacts network: it is important to participate in events and fairs related to your product. Also remember that informal settings help form good contacts. Our network of contacts starting with our family, friends, neighbors and old experiences.

7º Leadership: The entrepreneur must be the leader in your company must be a good manager of people, it must be a good listener and should know permanently stimulate the team, motivate her and let her committed.