Motivation at work

One of the biggest challenges that most of the professionals face in their day to day is to keep the motivation high while working.

It is not just to be excited, but to know how to stay motivated until the end of each day.

motivationMost professional lives in that mad rush, running from side to side, trying to accomplish tasks that never ends, not knowing exactly what to do to keep motivated.

Motivation is key, not only at work but also in your life, without it nothing happens. Below are 3 tips for you to recover or maintain motivation at work.


The more important to do what you like, it is like what is done.

We spent most of the time working and is very fair that we enjoy what we’re doing, right?

It turns out that most people NEED to work to pay the bills and have a life that works, and end up falling into the trap of needing to do anything for it.

If you are living this dilemma, I recommend that you urgently look for something you like to do, even if it is your current occupation and put all your focus on that.

The North American Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. said that “If you are a street sweeper, you must want to be the world’s best street sweeper.”

But my job is bureaucratic, what do I do? Believe in the importance of what you make.


The lack of involvement and motivation may be linked, among other things, lack of physical energy to do what needs to be done. It is very easy to see professionals, without power, crawling to make it to the end of the day.

It all starts with a good night’s sleep and a balanced diet. If you are not sleeping at least 6 hours a night, you will have problems to stay awake during the day.

Recent research has shown that the technology and the stress has created a generation, growing, people who sleep less than six hours per night.

Have you tried to do something with excellence and enthusiasm after a sleepless night? it’s terrible. You cannot do anything! AND…

As much as you enjoy what you do, there’s no way; You will owe, and worse, thinking that no longer enjoy what you’re doing.

Sleep well, eat lightly, especially at lunch and see your ENERGY increase, and with it their motivation.


One of the most discouraging things may have is to start projects that we could not finish. In our subconscious we hear that voice that insists; you have not finished, is an incompetent, you need to finish and etc. It’s what I call internal opponent.

The best thing to do is put as main goal to finish something every day. Create a strategy to not be interrupted until the end. When we succeed in something that propose us to do our motivation increases, and gives us confidence to give bigger steps.

Always seek your motivation.