Investing Money

Studies show that people who try to start investing fail in 90% of cases. This is because most start investing money before they gain knowledge and understand your investor profile.

investing_moneyBut what is investing?
Investing means putting your money to work for you. It’s a different way of thinking about how to make money.
Most people think that we can only make more money by working. And that’s exactly what the majority does.
There is a big problem about it: if you want more money, have to work harder.

How to Investing Money?
“The key body for investing is the stomach, not the brain.” Peter Lynch.
Before you start investing, it is essential to identify your investor profile, to find out what the appropriate financial assets to their risk tolerance.
Knowledge is the best investment.
“Investing in knowledge always pays the best interest.” Benjamin Franklin.
For more anxious you may be to start investing as soon as possible, I recommend you take a deep breath, controlling his excitement, and invest in their knowledge.
These days or weeks you’ll lose reading books and quality materials on investment, will surely be rewarded with interest and inflation ahead.
Although there is plenty of free content scattered in various sites and blogs, it is quite difficult to identify what really has quality and often wasted enough time to save them to me that money.
Often two hours reading a good book is much better than months of searching for free content (and not necessarily quality).
So if you plan to organize your financial life and learn to invest to achieve your financial independence, I recommend you read through the material below taken from a good reading I’ve done.
Choose an investment is one of the most arduous tasks for anyone planning to save part of winning. There are several options and each is suited to a different purpose.
For those who want to learn to invest with more quality I leave here seven tips:

1) Set goals. So you want to save money? It’s for retirement, to study, to buy a house?
2) Define your investor profile. It is a great opportunity for the individual to know. What level of risk tolerance, which is important to you.?This self-examination is essential.
3) Seek information on all types of investment before deciding to apply the money.
4) Have the discipline to achieve the goal. You cannot plan a trip without knowing the destination or how much it will cost. You have to be part of the eating schedule, bathing and also take care of the money.
5) When investing, always look for professional help. It is important to have someone who is able to give directions, but it is also important to know to make the right questions in order to achieve their goals. “No one comes to a pharmacy and asks, what’s good there for me ?”.
6) Beware of excessive supply of financial products. Investing is a bit like choosing a car. There are several options when a customer enters the store. When there was a single car model, it was easy. Now, there are several car models, as there are several types of investment. Each person has their need. It is for the investor to know what is best for him. The investor needs to know if you have an intolerance to an investment before putting your money there.
7) Professional help is important, but the final decision has to be the investor. One should not outsource this responsibility. It’s your life and your money.